Fighter Unleashed Development Progress 3



We are adjusting final details to release it on mobiles. We hope it is not much. But so while we put it in Steam Greenlight. We will appreciate your support by voting “YES” in the nextl ink, to see it also in Steam.

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Fighter Unleashed Development Progress 3


A simple story and lots of action. The perfect combination for an exciting adventure. Just as it has been the development of this game. The release is almost just around the corner. And the truth for such a small team of people, is proud to have done much with this game because it was not only work, but learning on the fly. We are already finalizing the details and perhaps arrogant to say but I am proud of this game.

We hope to have more news soon accompanied by the release of the game.

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Fighter Unleashed Development Progress 2



Failure to achieve the project’s financing made us rethink several things. Continue or not? Stop never  passing through our heads. Maybe we’ll go slow,  but we would not stop. During that ...

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Fighter Unleashed Development Progress 1


Fighters Unleashed is our biggest project so far. That’s why we being a very small study – basically three people – we decided to try the platform kickstarter to seek funding on a project that requires more than just our intention to carry it out.

This is the first...

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Fighters Unleashed


FIGHTERS UNLEASHED is an exciting old-school style game, with all the action of the arcade classics and a modern look. Defeat anything that crosses your path and unleashes the fighter that’s inside of you.


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